Apro Formazione


Apro Formazione has two training schools in Alba and Canelli, employing 100 members of staff and 400 professionals. Apro Formazione is a private non profit consortium which provide around 200 courses every week training more than 4000 persons per year in the following sectors: mechanics, welding and carpentry, computer science, electrotechnics, clothing and fashion, tourism and culinary art, hairstyling and beauty, commerce and service activities, health and human services, marketing and communication, administration and business management, design and graphics, environmental protection, safety, ecomanagement and foreign languages.

Apro Formazione is the point of reference for the territory in Europe. Since 2009, Apro Formazione collaborates with European partners on mobility projects, partnerships, development and transfer of innovation in the education field. Its European Network covers 20 Countries with more than 50 partners, including schools, vocational training agencies, universities, private companies, institutions and public authorities. Apro Formazione managed successfully more than 1.000 mobilities and got the Erasmus+ VET mobility charter in 2015.



Vocational Education and Training Institute Sedu is among the biggest VET providers in Finland. Sedu is a high-quality VET school with eight units in 12 study locations in the western part of Finland, in the region of South Ostrobothnia. Sedu provides vocational qualifications in the following many study sectors, provides education for more than 5000 full time students and offers continuing education or further training for 10.000 students.

Sedu is an international education provider with around 200 students and 100 teachers or other staff members going on international exchange every year. Annually we receive about 150 students and 100 staff members. Sedu has international partner schools and other organisations in over 30 countries. Sedu participate in thirteen international projects in 2020. Seven of them are KA2 projects. As an acknowledgement of excellence, in 2018 Sedu won a national quality award from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. In 2015 Sedu received Erasmus + VET Mobility Charter as a proof of the successful work in student and staff mobilities.



ROC Noorderpoort is the largest VET College in the Northern part of the Netherlands and it plays an important role in further developing that area into a confident, strong, and inviting region with a healthy economy, low unemployment rates, and attractive living conditions. ROC Noorderpoort, most of which are in the province of Groningen, organizes its education in 15 different schools, teaching around 15.000 part- and fulltime students with a staff of 1400 perople. The main sectors of education are: energy and maritime; health and social care; wellness, hospitality, tourism and travelling; automotive and logistics; business and administration; art, theatre and media, dance; laboratory- and process technology and engineering. ROC Noorderpoort teaches nearly 200 different courses on EQF level 1,2,3,4 and some on level 5.

ROC Noorderpoort holds the Certificate for Mobility from 2011 and took part in several EU funded projects under Leonardo da Vinci, Interreg, EIF and ERASMUS+. ROC Noorderpoort holds the ERASMUS+ Charter since 2015.

Faculté des Métiers - École Hôtelière de Cannes


The Faculté des Métiers École Hôtelière de Cannes is a training center for apprentices and adults (800 learners). For more than twenty years, it has been preparing 18 professional diplomas from level EQF 3 to EQF 5 according to the European qualifications framework, thanks to a team of more than 44 specialized trainers. The FDM-EHC provides training in hospitality, cooking, tourism, trade, butchery, floristry, hairdressing and training on the specific needs of the area of employment in the luxury market sector and in yachting. From 2017, the FDM-EHC has been involved in European projects, both in Erasmus+ Programme and Interreg ALCOTRA programme.